Welcome Writers

I’m Zoe. I write romance novels (fifty-six and counting), and I give workshops on genre fiction writing. For a long time, I said I’d never write a non-fiction book, but as I say in the foreword to Romance Your Brand, I’m obviously a liar.

My first book, Romance Your Brand, is now available in ebook at Apple BooksKoboBarnes & Noble, and Amazon! Or if you prefer paperback, get Romance Your Brand in print from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, and Barnes & Noble! I will continue to update the site as more retailers add it.

Audio is coming in January.

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What’s my angle? I write series. Lots of them, with lots of books in most of them. In the digital marketplace, where books are linked by metadata, a long running series can make the difference between a writing dream and a writing career.

I want to help you get there. I’m available for in-person workshops for conferences, and I have two books on this topic as well. I hope they’re helpful!

~ Zoe York (SEALs of Summer, SEALs of Summer 2, Pine Harbour), aka Ainsley Booth (Prime Minister, Hate F*@k)