How to set an ebook free on Amazon

As my family self-isolates during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been putting writing videos on YouTube, and today’s video points readers to this blog post so I can easily share the text of an email you can send to Amazon to suggest they price-match a book that is free on other retailers. You can watch the complete video here.

Feel free to copy and use this same text in your own requests:

SUBJECT: ASIN ______ lower price on other retailers


Please note that ASIN ___________ has a lower price (free) on other retailers. I understand that price matching happens at KDP’s discretion, however, as I cannot set this price to free myself, I thought I would inform you of this price discrepancy so we can provide an optimal customer service experience.
The price is 0.00 (free) WORLD WIDE, on Kobo, Google Play and Apple Books.
Links are:
Kobo: ____
Google Play: ____
Apple Books: ____