“Genre fiction series are the bread and butter of mid-list writers. For many they make the difference between a writing dream and a writing career.” Zoe York/Ainsley Booth, USA Today and New York Times bestselling author

Available December 24, 2019 from Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

Romance Your Brand

For the first time ever in print, Zoe York breaks down how she plans a series—something she has done ten times over. Romance Your Brand is an adaptation of an intensive four-week course, now available to authors everywhere.

This book covers:

• high-concept pitches
• taglines and blurbs
• world-building
• building a cast of characters
• writing the first book in a series
• finding comparable series
• covers
• how to write towards future marketing
• and why ALL OF THE ABOVE should be considered before you write a single word

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Coming June 2020: Romance Your Plan

After writing a genre fiction series, what’s next? Zoe York has been there a dozen times. In this follow up to Romance Your Brand, the USA Today bestselling author breaks down how to pick the right marketing plan for your brand, your books, and your readers.

Let’s talk about:

• scheduling sales
• planning releases
• brand re-vamping
• audience growth
• fandom building
• goal setting
• weathering low points